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A cut above Since 1984

How we contribute to your Green Project!


Natural Stone is 100% organic.

We create very little environmental dust (through use of the Waterjet); 95 % less dust in our shop and in your home.

Prior to 2006 we used over 25,000+ square ft of cardboard a year for templating counter tops. We now use absolutely no cardboard, paper, plastic or wood for our templates, thanks to our digital templating system.

We operate machines that recycle water.

Our Machines are new and energy efficient.

Forklifts are powered by propane fuel.

All service trucks are diesel and we use Bio diesel when available.

We use recycled paper (when available). All office paper is recycled.

Our fabrication plant has skylights, therefore reducing the need for electricity.

We import as much granite as possible, reducing the need for fuel that the distributors use to deliver granite locally and from out of state.

We have perfected our fabrication and installation process, reducing wasted fuel from returning to the jobsite.

We have a rain water  retention pond  that covers 18% of our property that helps keep our rivers and bays clean.

We use email (as much as possible) for proposals, invoices, layout approvals and much more, reducing the use of paper and fuel for postage.

We reuse granite as much as possible from short stock for small orders like vanity tops, window sills, etc.

Our stone yard and parking lot is paved with crushed limestone, permeable for water absorption.

Your granite is stored on environmentally safe land.  We are not located or even close to a superfund cite or a polluted area.

Our fabrication shop emits 0% emissions or pollutants from fabrication.  Natural stone is 100% organic.  In fact, we have given the sludge (wet marble and granite dust from fabricating natural stone) to customers to be used as organic fertilizer.

Natural stone is reusable. After Hurricane Ivan, we had many customers that asked if we would remove the granite from there flooded kitchens, store it, and come back in reinstall it at a later date. We did this with great success; in fact, some customers told us that the granite was the only item on the interior of the house that was reusable. We also reused old granite countertops by transforming them into smaller tops, such as vanity tops.

I will be updating this page as we create new ways to be more efficient and environment friendly.